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About the Practitioner

Amy P. Ito is a Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), requiring over 90 hours of documentation and testing.  She was trained and Certified by Just for Health, the School of Reflexology and Healing Arts in 2011, a class requiring over 300 hours.  She is also a Member of the Associated Reflexologists of Colorado (ARC) and the Reflexology Association of America (RAA).

Amy is also certified in the Reflex Therapy Lone Sorensen method with hundreds of hours with Face Reflex Therapy, Neurofoot, Hormonal, Ocular, Light Therapy, Pet Therapy and Weight Management Therapies.

Amy is a Tibetan Cranial Practitioner, which entailed a 2 1/2 year apprenticeship (May, 2016 - November, 2018) with over 600 hours of training.  Please see the website for more information.

She has also become attuned for Reiki Level 3, completed a Thai Reflexology course and is knowledgeable in ear candling.  Amy became a certified yoga instructor in the Vital Bowspring/Sridaiva method of yoga in 2015, which was a rigorous 10-week/200-hour training and she is currently teaching at Vital.

The use of aromatherapy oils and lotions is included in all sessions.  Light therapy is also included as needed.

Amy loves providing Reflexology and Tibetan Cranial!  Her life is rich with a love of meditation, yoga, bicycling, and many other mind, body and spirit activities.  These help her provide ideas and recommendations for proper body alignment, diet and lifestyle. 

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