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Reflexology and Tibetan Cranial for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Services and Rates

Reflexology, Facial Reflex Therapy and Tibetan Cranial is an investment in your health.  Ear Candling is a simple and effective 30-minute session for removing ear wax build-up, fungus, yeast and pollen from within the ear canal.

Reflexology and Reflex Therapy for the Mind, Body and Spirit, available on the Feet, Hands, Face and Ears. 

Tibetan Cranial is work on the head and neck, using pulses to help the body achieve an optimal balance.

Reflexology Pricing:

30 minutes:  $36.00

60 minutes:  $72.00

90 minutes:  $108.00

Tibetan Cranial Pricing:

60 minutes:  $54.00


Combination:  60 minutes of Tibetan Cranial and 30 minutes of reflexology for $81.00

Package of 3, 60-minute reflexology sessions for $198.00, or

Package of 3, 90-minute reflexology sessions for $297.00,


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