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I worked with Amy during the pregnancy of my first child.  I had multiple reflexology sessions and each one was individualized to focus on areas of pain and discomfort I was experiencing.  In addition to helping relieve some back pain during my second trimester, each session was extremely relaxing.  I saw Amy 3 days after my due date had passed and I was ready to have my baby.  She focused on all the reproductive locations and 3 hours later my water broke.  That's a successful visit!  I recommend Amy to anyone looking to focus on, or heal, their body.  Amy has such a good spirit and her positive energy can be felt through her work. (Kim B.) 

Thank you so much for a great reflexology session on my hands and feet.  I slept for 12 hours and woke up feeling awesome!!!  (Erika B.)

I have been receiving Reflexology treatments from Amy regularly for about a year now, and after each session I feel a deep relaxation, less stress and just an overall feeling of well being. Reflexology is now part of my overall health maintenance program. In fact, I find that I no longer need to see a Chiropractor.  Amy is very intuitive with a keen sense of what the body needs to regain balance and optimal function. I feel a deep gratitude in being fortunate to have Amy as my Reflexologist.  (Scott T.)

Tibetan Cranial was a deeply sensitizing, grounding and connected experience.  I had the opportunity and ability to release deep tension and emotion.  What a phenomenal way to connect to our bodies, minds and hearts.  Amy is a gift (Alison M.)

My first visits to Trifecta Reflexion were presented to me as a gift from my wife and what a gift they turned out to be!  I highly recommend Amy Ito’s  reflexology treatments at Trifecta Reflexion. The facilities are clean and calm;  very conducive for a soothing and relaxing session.  Amy is both professional and intuitive  in the treatment of her clients and in determining the best way to provide the relief that reflexology can bring. The sessions I had have been deeply relaxing and have contributed greatly to relieving chronic lower back pain as well as tightness in my neck and shoulder muscles that come from working in front of a computer all day. The feeling I get from a reflexology session with Amy is one of great relaxation and mental clarity.  (Eric J.)

 As a certified bodywork professional myself, I appreciate quality treatments with a highly skilled practitioner. Amy is exactly that. She is a wealth of knowledge in many areas, very professional and every session is deeply relaxing. Her attention to my body's needs is kindly addressed with intuition and insight and I would always recommend Amy for hand, foot, face and ear reflexology.  (Anna T.)

Tibetan Cranial was amazing!  Extreme release in my neck, jaw and shoulders.  After the session I felt a flood of blood in my neck as everything warmed.  I can feel my congestion and its ready to clear.  At the end I felt deeply rooted and completely released - a profound difference.  I'm so grateful!  (Dana E.)

I was told about reflexology by my massage therapist.  I was having a couple of issues, my stomach and my feet.  The first time I went in I did not even mention my stomach to Ms. Ito.  She begins to work on my feet and before I know it my stomach starts to make noises.  She asks me if my stomach had been bothering me and I tell her as a matter of fact yes it had.  By the time I left my stomach was no longer bothering me, my feet were a lot less sore, my hands and eyes were not so tired (I work on the computer a lot) and I was a lot more relaxed.  I recommend coming to see Amy Ito and I'm so glad my massage therapist recommended her to me. (Ruby R.)



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